5 Treatments for the Dense Breast Problem

Breast density in a female is common. Women having the age of 40 have a high chance of getting diagnosed with breast cancer. The dense breast is a serious issue because its consequence is nothing less than breast cancer. A fight against breast cancer is been fought for quite a time. There are many steps are been taken by the governments of various nations, The World Health Organization and FDA as well. Various treatment is been done to prevent breast cancer in its dense breast stage.

Dense breast

Dense breast refers to the amount of dense tissue in comparison to the fatty tissue. The breast consists of two tissues that are dense tissue and fatty tissues (non-dense tissues) Doctor uses a mammogram to find out the abnormalities in the breasts.

What is dense breast law?

On 28th March 2019, for the interest of the patients, the FDA announced mammography facilities must include breast density information in reports sent to patients and their physicians. Some important guidelines need to be followed by both the patient and the doctor who is or will do dense breast treatment.

There are various treatment is being done for the dense breast such as: -


Mammography is being done by a radiologist with the help of the mammogram. In which a doctor uses a Mammogram to find out the dense breast in the female. A mammogram uses x- rays to see the images under the female breast, which will give the doctor a clear view in the monitor about the dense breast tissues looks white while fatty tissues look dark. If the breast density is high then it will become very hard for the doctors to find the abnormalities or tumour in the breast through a mammogram, because then they also look white.

Breast MRI

Breast MRI is a tool which is used to find the breast abnormalities. It is a replacement tool for the mammogram because it gives a good view of the breast by giving a bunch of images that will help the doctor to have a detailed view of the breast.


Tomosynthesis is also known as 3-D Mammography. It gives a 3-dimensional image of the breast which helps the doctor to examine the dense breasts in a detailed manner.


TyrerCuzick is a modern tool which is used by the doctors, in which doctors asks a series of questions, which will help the doctor having proper information regarding the treatment.

Breast ultrasound

In Breast ultrasound, doctors use sound waves to do the treatment after finding out the abnormalities in the breast. It is been considered as quite an effective tool for dense breast treatment.