Assessing the Essentiality of Breast MRI

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a powerful tool that holds the capability to detect breast cancer and other abnormalities in the breast. This advanced procedure is highly precise and is a widely accepted method to deal with instances where conventional imaging methods fail.

The medical test of breast MRI uses magnetic fields and radio waves to produce precise breast images without using X-rays. During the procedure, a lot of information is revealed and many images are produced. Breast MRI is a hassle-free procedure and normally conducted on an outpatient basis. In particular, it is performed along with mammography and breast ultrasound.

Some of breast MRI’s advantages and benefits are:

• MRI can display if a breast implant has fragmented, where mammography and ultrasound are relatively less accurate.

• Unlike, conventional methods breast MRI assessment can easily detect all type of cancer tissues.

• MRI does not cause exposure to radiations. Consequently, it can be used safely to screen women at potential risk of breast cancer.

Evaluation of cancer’s response to drug therapy: MRIs performed midway through a course of drug therapy can help identify the effectiveness of drugs.

Hence, the breast MRI procedure can accord you with ample of benefits. Using it for diagnosis and assessment can help in early cancer detection.