A breast biopsy is a test that is performed for removing suspicious tissues from the breast. This test entails to diagnosing suspicious breast area under microscope and laboratory procedures. The cells that are malignant are examined for determining the presence of breast cancer. Further the samples collected are examined to check the abnormalities in cells that make up a dense breast tissue. Being examined for a breast biopsy does not necessarily guarantees the presence of breast cancer.

Types of breast biopsy.

i. Fine needle aspiration breast biopsy:- A syringe with a needle is inserted in the problematic area and samples of tissues are collected for examining. If the problem area is felt by the finger then the needle is guided by finger otherwise ultrasound is used to guide the needle.

ii. Core needle breast biopsy:- This biopsy is used when other tests indicated that you may have cancer. It is known as core needle biopsy because a wide hollow needle is inserted and a cylindrical core of the tissue is extracted for further tests.

iii. Surgical biopsy:- In specific cases the whole lump or a part of it is cut out through an incision to examine it.

iv. Lymph node biopsy:- This aims to discover if cancer has spread. Armpit lymph nodes are examined under this biopsy. It is done in combination with other biopsy or after cancer has been surgically removed.

Whenever you face the problem consult a doctor and choose the procedure for biopsy that suits your condition well.