Breast ultrasound and its benefits

Breast ultrasound is a technique used for imaging purposes in cases of dense breast tissues. Tumors and other breast problems are also detected with the help of this method. Basically, an ultrasound method helps in producing clear images of the internals of the breast. This method is safe for pregnant women and breast feeding mothers, as unlike CT scans and x-ray tests, ultrasound does not require any sort of radiation. Another fact is that the process does not require much preparation.

It is seldom seen that the professional performing the breast ultrasound (a physician or a sonographer) uses Doppler techniques for the analysis of blood flow, or the lack of it in the breast. Some popular applications of breast ultrasound are as follows:

Determining the status of the problem: The main reason why breast ultrasound is used is to properly analyse and evaluate the nature of the breast condition. This helps in making a wise decision in regard to future treatments, and also helps in anticipating possible health issues detected on mammography and breast MRI

Additional screening of breast cancer: As of now, mammography is the most preferred screening tool in case of breast cancer as it helps in detecting the early signs and reduce casualties. Studies reveal that ultrasound coupled with breast magnetic resonance imaging can complement mammography in detecting breast cancer, which might be possible to detect only through mammography.

Biopsy through ultrasound: In case of a breast abnormality, a doctor might choose to conduct a biopsy using ultrasound. This is because ultrasound give good images and can guide the biopsy procedure properly.