What happened during my breast ultrasound session?

My breast ultrasound to identify dense breast tissue involved a painless medical exam by something which looked like a computer with a video screen. I wasn’t at all worried during the process. My radiologist was a good man with jolly nature who made the atmosphere comfy with his talking. I lay down on my back and then after she placed some warmed gel on each of my breasts. A handheld device was resolutely moved over each of the breasts at a time.

My radiologist used the device on each of my breasts as well as he used it to inspect my armpits, as its one of the lymph node spots. He was looking for swollen or puffy lymph glands or changes causing worry.

High frequency sound waves were used which produces an echo, more or less like sonar, bringing back the information to the computer. This resulted in an image being formed on the screen, which I was able to see at that very time — exciting isn’t it!

However, do you know what breast ultrasound images are? These are images showing organs and blood vessels inside your body. At the same time, the images are captured in actual time, which is very useful for radiologists and doctors.

Breast ultrasound images are a good option if you have dense breasts as well as if you are pregnant. It is a non invasive, trouble-free process, using no ionizing radiation, and there aren’t any side effects even.