Dense Breast a Global Issue for Woman

The dense breast can lead to none other than cancer. Any woman in any part of the world holds the probability of dense breasts. In this article, we will have a deep analysis of this disease and what are the measures we can take to have victory over it.

But first, let us know what dense breast is?

Dense breasts refer to the amount of dense breast the tissue on a mammogram, in relation to the fatty tissue. Breast density is important to recognize, because of the ability of mammography to detect breast cancer and also, it can increase the risk factor for the patient for developing future breast cancer.

When should a woman have to worry about the issue?

Having dense breasts can depend on various reasons. If a woman founds the probability of having high breast density than she should visit the dense breast doctor immediately. These are the factors to determine the probability of dense breast: -

  • Family history of breast cancer.
  • Swelling in the breast.
  • Feeling irregular itching.
  • Pain in the breast.

If a person having a family history of cancer, then there is a probability that they are also prone to cancer, doesn’t matter what their age, diet, and routine are. But, the positive thing here is that if the woman feels the symptoms sooner, she has a 100% chance of decreasing the density and find out the cancerous abnormalities of the breast.

Dense breast treatments

There are several modern and traditional treatment is being used for the treatment of dense breast like: -

Mammography: Breasts consist of two glands that are dense breast tissue and fatty tissues. Most of the woman have a lifetime chance of increasing breast Density. On Mammogram the Dense breast tissue looks white, while the fatty tissue looks darker. Unfortunately, the cancerous tissue also looks white on the mammogram. In mammography, doctors try to find the tissue and do the treatment afterward.

Breast MRI: Breast MRI, is a replacement for mammography. Through MRI doctors get a detailed view of the breast and the abnormalities can be easily found. MRI doesn’t use radiation. It uses Magnets to create images of the breast.

Breast ultrasound — Unlike mammography ultrasound isn’t use radiations. In ultrasound, high-frequency sound waves are been used to have a detailed image inside the breast.

TyrerCuzick — TyrerCuzick is another tool used by the doctors in which a series of questions are being asked to detect the cause of cancer.

There are many NGOs, scientists, doctors and the women itself are working day and night to win the fight against this serious problem.